Why We Set Up?

Our Story.

"Getting up every morning to go to work was excruciating. The daily infighting, gossip and conflict across the organisation was toxic! I wanted better. I needed a way out!" Sounds Familiar?...


According to Gartner, 70% of workers in the Corporate environment are unhappy. I was convinced that there was a better way. Community Innovations was born from my search for a holistic modality to help organisations and their people to wake up each morning energized and excited to go to work to achieve great results together with others.


So we set out to work with both leaders and their teams to enable excellence in how they relate and work together. We work to make working life more rewarding and worthwhile by equipping Leaders to lead “self” and others better, thus contributing to outstanding individual and business results.


What matters to us above all is that, as a result of our interactions we deliver real, tangible, and measurable improvements to business performance and life at work.

Today we have more than proven that we DO make a significant difference, and we continue working towards this goal through our global team of highly skilled facilitators, trainers, and coaches.