Our Team Of Associates

Gloria -CI

Gloria Mbokota

PhD in Progress,  Master of  Public & Development Management, Neuro-Semantics Trainer

Gloria's coaching expertise includes strategy development, organizational development & design, programme and project evaluations and facilitating change processes in organizations.

Lee - CI

Lee Griessel

Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach (ANSPC), NLP Practitioner and Facilitator

Lee specialises in developmental and transformational coaching of individuals and teams. Has worked extensively in the private sector across various industries.


Dirk Nieuwoudt

Clinical Psychologist; Bachelor of Arts (Hon); Neurosemantics Trainer; NLP Master Practitioner

Dirk's approach in coaching is based on universal change processes that assist clients to face current realities, explore options to become more of what they can be and identify what really matters to them.

Nomvula Marawa.1

Nomvula Marawa

Certified Meta-Coach, Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer, Masters in Business Administration, Master of Science, and Honours in Social Science

  • Nomvula has extensive skills and experience as a facilitator in the fields of strategic and operational planning, as well as stakeholder and project management. Her approach makes use of models and tools to facilitate transformative discussions in her work to achieve the Client’s well-formed outcome.
Raj - CI

Rajesh Jock

M.Philosophy; B.Com (Hon); B.Com; Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing & Company Law

Rajesh's coaching expertise are  in leadership development, emotional intelligence, goal setting and personal motivation, culture improvement, team development, and diversity and workplace justice, and change management, among others.  



Manuela Savage

Executive and Team Coach, Neuro-Semantics  trainer, NLP Master Practitioner

Manuela's coaching expertise includes Systemic Group and Team Coaching.  She has extensive experience working with executives, entrepreneurs, employees, team leaders, managers and students to unleash their full potential and live an integrated lifestyle.


Dan -CI latest.

Dan Ellappa

Masters in Business Leadership; Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in HR

Dan's coaching expertise include Organizational Development; Team Building; Sales Management; and Leadership Development.