About Us

Community Innovations is a leading facilitator and developer of innovative, evidence-based approaches to community, organisational and leadership development.  Our delivery mechanisms include strategy facilitation, training, coaching, and development of leadership and relationship skills.

Our unique approach to strategy and programme development builds on local culture and resources, capitalizes on indigenous knowledge, and leverages the latest knowledge from the fields of the Cognitive Behavioural sciences, Developmental Psychology, the Neuro-Sciences, Self-Actualization Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to help our clients achieve their best outcomes.

We are a Change Facilitation and Coaching partner to our clients, supporting them to unleash leadership and performance excellence and achieve their highest and best outcomes.  We are based in South Africa and work with an extensive regional network of partners.

Our services include:

  • Coaching for Leadership and Executives;
  • Capacity Building for NGOs;
  • Research Monitoring and Evaluation Support;
  • Project implementation and management support;
  • Development of policy, strategy and programmes on social and economic development – focussing on HIV & AIDS, Education and local economies.

We partner and support development agencies, private companies, non-governmental organisations, and community based organisations to assist in the development and implementation of policy, strategies, programmes and projects.

Community Innovations has an elaborate network of public and NGO partners in Southern Africa in particular, and already provides HIV/AIDS, Education and Local Economic Development support to several partners in the region.  Our track record spans over twenty years of experience and success in:

  • The execution and implementation of projects for tangible results and outcomes across the development sector;
  • Leading and facilitating the development of policy and programs within the Education; Health and HIV/AIDS; as well as local economic development sectors;
  • Facilitation of community-based education and health responses;
  • Mentoring and capacity building for personal & small enterprise development;
  • Brokering of partnerships between communities and business for lasting corporate social investments;
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation of Learning.

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